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Zünd Systemtechnik, a family-owned business with operations worldwide, specializes in developing and manufacturing digital cutting systems. The Zünd name represents Swiss Quality and is synonymous with precision, performance, and reliability. Since 1984 Zünd has been designing, producing, and marketing modular cutting systems and is globally recognized as a market leader.

The Zünd customer base consists of manufacturers and suppliers in many different industries, including graphics, packaging, garment, and leather, as well as technical textile and composites. Zünd maintains headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland, where the company’s R&D, marketing, and production facilities are located. Besides Zünd's own sales and service organizations in Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Zünd relies on a global network of long-standing, independent distribution and service partners.


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Product lines

Zünd L3 Leather Cutter
Zünd L3 Leather Cutter

Smart, efficient leather cutting: The L3 is perfect for the leather industry and is specifically designed for producing top-quality leather goods. Produce high-quality leather goods
Take your productivity in leather manufacturing to the next level. Process leather, sole, lining, and stencil...

Zünd S3 Digital Cutter
Zünd S3 Digital Cutter

Compatto, flessibile ed economico Concezione modulare dei cutter
Grazie al sistema modulare di gestione degli utensili e del materiale, è possibile personalizzare il cutter S3 in base alle proprie specifiche esigenze. È possibile definire i requisiti di produzione e configurare la propria...


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