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What we do

Todesco S.r.l. is an Italian company that design and produce advanced technologies for spraying since 1972. 

We engineer, manufacture and install spray system lines in the major leather companies Worldwide, with the aim to guaranteeing always the maximum quality standards in the finishing process and a massive saving of chemicals, up to the 50 % compared to the most common other technologies.

In the '80 we invented and patented the first volumetric gun and today we are leader and expert on the finishing for automotive, upholstery, footwear and luxury fashion leather industries. 

Our system's performances are certified by Fraunhofer IPA and ICEC and our leather finishing lines with 24 HVLP spray guns are appreciated by our clients also because of the great increase of their production thanks to the reduction of downtimes to clean the machineries and the lowest maintenance costs. 


Nicola Gardin
Nicola Gardin

Business developer manager


Product lines

INNOVER e SPRAYGROUND Turn-Key finishing lines
INNOVER e SPRAYGROUND Turn-Key finishing lines

Complete finishing lines, designed and built to be used for the processing of leathers for heterogeneous sectors: automotive, aviation, furniture, footwear and fashion. Thanks to the applied technology to the INNOVER and SPRAYGROUND leather finishing lines, it is possible to achieve...


Speedster is a new concept machine, conceived, designed and built by Todesco Srl. It is a cutting-edge solution, unique in its kind, hich aims to improve the as never before. Speedster can be combined with any Todesco Innover line. With Speedster it is possible to simulate the Innover...


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