What we do

TIEMME FORNI VARESE was born in 2017 by the merging of TIEMME and FORNI VARESE, two companies having a 40-year experience in the design and manufacturing of tanning machines. Its registered office is in San Miniato, in the Santa Croce tanning district, while the factory is in Ispra, on Lake Maggiore.

These are main TIEMME FORNI VARESE products:

  • OVERHEAD CONVEYORS, to transport leather or other items, can be used to load drums, fleshing or setting out machines, or to transport and dry leather at ambient temperature
  • OVERHEAD TUNNELS to dry leather at controlled temperature and humidity
  • C.P., automatic systems to load overhead conveyors
  • S.P., automatic systems to unload overhead conveyors
  • QUICK, semi-automatic toggling dryers at automatic, progressive and controlled expansion
  • H.T.P., high-efficiency dryers for finishing lines
  • GHIBLI, tunnel dryers at controlled temperature and humidity
  • various types of clips suiting overhead conveyors, dryers and toggling machines


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Product lines

CP automatic loading system
CP automatic loading system

Innovating automatic system, suitable to load any kind of leather, coming from roller coating, spraying machine, or vacuum dryer. Thanks to CP such a physical effort can be saved. All its funcions are controlled by PLC and its speed is self-adjusting, according to the relevant conveyor bands.

Overhead chain conveyors
Overhead chain conveyors

The overhead chain conveyors we design and manufacture can be either standard, or made according to specific Customer's requirements. They are suitable to transport and dry any kind of leather at ambient temperature. The quality of our overhead conveyors can be notices on the choice of...

QUICK toggling dryer
QUICK toggling dryer

QUICK toggling machine, designed and patented by Forni Varese, is maybe the tanning machine with the greatest number of imitation attempts. Even if it has been manufactured for some decades, it is still at the forefront for its output capacity, stretching efficiency and quality of the...

SP automatic unloading system
SP automatic unloading system

Special automatic system to unload leathers from overhead chain conveyor and transfer them to other processing phases, or to a stacker. All its functions are controlled by PLC and its speed is relf-adjusting, according to relevant conveyor bands.


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