What we do

Sintan Kimya founded in 2006 by one of the Turkey's largest group Sisecam also a leading chrome producer globally. State of art technology production line, full automative system and the highest control standards for stable quality are the key elements of the company.  In 2019, SINTAN had new investments by adding new spray-dryers and reactors with the goal of being one of the biggest producer of syntans worldwide. 

SINTAN's sustainable development model aims to search new ways to be compliant with highest standards to minimise the environmental footprint of customers while building reliable and longterm cooperations via developing harmonious stakeholder relations. By joining the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme SINTAN seeks to actively contribute to the multi-stakeholder initiative.  Currently, we are proud to declare we are existing in more then 25 countries.

We are flexible to offer various solutions to our customers needs. With our high performance synthetic tanning chemicals like phenolic, disulphone, diciandiamide, melamine resins, innovative formulations for metal-free articles, earth friendly solutions to reduce our environmental impact on the planet, we are always at disposal of leather industry.


Melek Gultekin
Melek Gultekin

Marketing manager



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  • Turkey