What we do

ROTACOAT is an innovative start-up whose foundation finds its deepest motivation in the extreme variability of the leather articles that requires continuous innovations to modern rollercoating machines and their relentless adaptability to ever new applications. ROTACOAT, as the name implies, aims to be at the forefront in the segment of rollcoating machines being driven by the creativity and experience of its founders as well as the talent of its technicians who contributed to its inception. Also relying on our business partners at Barnini we can offer fresh technology and a wide range of original solutions for the leather finishing.

ROTACOAT essentially represents a condensation of concepts propelled towards the next decade and its brand-new models J1 1800, J1 2400 and J1 3400 display all the necessary features and offer all the essential improvements to make a clear generational leap in the current technology applied to modern rollercoating machines




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  • Italia


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