Ngw Group s.r.l. 

What we do

The NGW Group project

Identifying innovative, performing, ecologically sustainable printing solutions is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Who we are

NGW Group srl was founded in 1983 and since about a decade focuses its core business on the supply technologies for large format digital printing supply, through the offer of dedicated solutions and related products (hardware, supplies, print media etc). After a long experience achieved thanks to solid collaborations with the main digital printing companies of leather, eco-leather and coated fabrics, NGW Group has been accredited by Hp as the reference point for R&D in the field of natural and synthetic leather printing. NGW Group has realized a Research and Experimentation laboratory and today it has reached a unique specialization in the sector, thanks to specific skills and the ability to design and create customized solutions for each specific need.

The solutions

Our company has long been focused on the introduction and development of lines Production dedicated to digital printing, able to ensure concrete solutions for higher standards required by the market.

In order to achieve these results, cutting edge technologies have been selected, reliable and customized according to the needs of the sector, integrating them with processes that precede printing; e.g., area acquisition, image projection and relative positioning.


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