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What we do

INNOVATION, QUALITY and EFFICIENCY are the guiding principles that I-Tech follows to offer a wide range of systems and machinery for the tanning industry, able to guarantee customers cutting-edge production solutions.

Thanks to our many years of experience we offer reliable and efficient dosing, mixing and storage systems with a high technological content and this is why we have succeeded in acquiring a technical and industrial know-how that allows us to create customized solutions to meet every customer’s need.

The knowledge of market dynamics, combined with many years of experience in the production of systems that guarantee constant improvement of working conditions, represent the main characteristics and the main added values ​​on which our company is set.

I-Tech has always established solid relationships with the most prestigious and qualified exponents of the sector worldwide and that’s the reason why today I-Tech means trust, credibility and notoriety for our customers and why this brought a presence in over 40 countries in the world. Each of our systems, in fact, guarantee the best performance in terms of quality, precision and saving of resources such as time, labour or materials.

Why solutions? I-tech has been able to see the real problems within the production systems of companies managing to create modular solutions for every need, today’s necessity is not only to have machines from advanced software, but that they can solve and satisfy the needs of time and space, which are also of fundamental importance.


Andrea Carandini
Andrea Carandini

Sales Director



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