What we do

In short, our company works alongside the technicians responsible for wallet,

purse and bag production, studying the product together so as to define the construction

steps, and providing all the equipment necessary from cutting to assembly, often with

specially constructed machines.

The desire to constantly create innovative products with a high degree of quality

and reliability has made us one of the leaders in this industry.

This originates from the continuous research that, over the years, has allowed us

to launch many innovative products on the market. These include some that have made

our name and that only we can offer: blanking kits, dies with transparent supports and

machines for bag hemming and assembly.

All our production is designed to maximise your company’s profit while reducing

processing times and risks, and also increasing the quality of the end product.

We help leather goods manufacturers to improve their work by allowing them to

concentrate only on the most important aspects, achieving continuity in the production

times and especially a qualitative continuity, drastically cutting down waste from

production defects.

We are constantly at the forefront in seeking new solutions for you, to help you

create your products and facilitate the various processing steps such as cutting, parts

assembly (whether parts of a wallet or a bag) and final assembly. We know the

production specifications and we know that every company has its own needs, and for

this reason, studying together to find the best method for industrialising the product,

we can provide you with customised tools to manufacture well and with less effort.

We also know that, sadly, it is increasingly difficult to find specialist staff, and

this is why - in addition to creating easy-to-use machines for you and the latest

generation dies - we have created a training video channel for your staff which explains

the simple gestures needed to use our innovative machines.

Since the beginning, GLFormax has also aimed for traceability. In fact, every

product, die, assembly, assembly mould or special item is coded and archived on a

database so that, even years later, it is possible to bring back that product and

manufacture it again.


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