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What we do

One source for everything - Fagus offers design, shoe lasts and moulds

As leading supplier to the international footwear industry Fagus provides a unique service: Design, shoe lasts and moulds from one source! Accurately fitting and matching with one project responsibility.

We develop an overall concept for the industrial manufacture of accurately fitting footwear together with our customer in ONE meeting. Starting with the design for lasts and soles via prototyping to the lasts for the series production as well as the moulds for the sole production, we deliver everything from one source - based on a consistent CAD-CAM process. All process steps are based on a data record!

The result: highest quality for exactly matched lasts and moulds from one casting.

One highlight during the SIMAC will be the presentation of High precision automation last for direct soling including easy setup with the HPML setting gauge.


Haymo Bertram
Haymo Bertram


Product lines

HPM Lasts
HPM Lasts

Increased efficiency and quality through intelligent last selection Very often, the classic injection moulding lasts or aluminium lasts are used for direct injection moulding.  Aluminium lasts are precise, but heavy and relatively expensive compared to conventional plastic lasts. By...


Mould making - High precision Fagus moulds for the international footwear industry Fagus-GreCon is designer and manufacturer of high quality direct injection moulds, vulca moulds and AGO-moulds. Precision moulds for all current machine makes and material combinations are manufactured. Fagus...


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