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Chem-MAP is a ZDHC approved programme focused on the implementation of robust chemical management systems in the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains. This multi-module programme is fully aligned with ZDHC objectives and offers ZDHC Conformance Level 1, 2 and 3. Chem-MAP supports businesses with MRSL and RSL management, actively reducing chemical risk within their supply chain.

Developed by Eurofins | BLC, Chem-MAP prevents harmful chemicals from entering the materials supply chains, thereby protecting workers, consumers and the environment.

Chemical companies, materials manufacturers, brands and retailers achieve an internationally recognised award through one of three programmes in the Chem-MAP family. Achieving a Chem-MAP award signifies the use of responsible chemicals in the production of consumer goods.

Eurofins | Chem-MAP is the future of chemical management in leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains.


Deva McKenzie
Deva McKenzie

Head of Sustainability Consulting



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