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The company Egas Consulting is based on managerial experience gained in over twenty years of experience in the industrial sectors of leather goods, automotive and furniture, with a strong focus on quality and specialization in leather processing. The management of complex systems with a strong manual component, continuous research of innovative materials and non-stop research capabilities, have favored the creation of a business model that combines managerial culture, engineering and design thinking. Pelle3D is the spin-off with which Egas Consulting offers an innovative industrial treatment to improve industrial efficiencies and performance of semi-handmade leather products in the fashion, automotive and high-end furniture sectors.


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Pelle3D Leather products have always been synonymous with value and great craftsmanship. This natural material with unique characteristics, used as a derivative of food supply, is used for the most varied uses, from clothing to footwear, from upholstered to panelling, from car interiors,...


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