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CTC, in its capacity as Professional Committee for Economic Development, supports the French leather industry and its 850 member companies (leather, footwear, leather goods, gloves) in their technical and economic development.

CTC, in its capacity as an industrial technical centre, conducts collective R&D projects, participates actively in standardization committees concerning leather trades and provides training and consultancy services based on CTC’s know-how.

Finally, thanks to its analytical and testing laboratories located in France and Asia, and its certification office for products sold on the European Union markets, CTC is the key provider of quality control (audit, inspections, physical tests, chemical analyses and CE marking certification).

Within CTC, the R&D teams are working on the structuring changes that will maintain the competitiveness and excellence of our businesses. The themes addressed concern three major axes:

The industry of the future with projects around automation/robotics of processes, the improvement of working conditions, the establishment of innovative tests based on the real use of products, uses that are defined scientifically in our biomechanical living-lab installed in our premises in Lyon.

The digital transition of our industry through the integration of IT tools to generate, structure and exchange data in an agile and reliable way to meet performance and CSR challenges involving our industries.

The ecological and energy transition that integrates sustainable development, clean technologies and recyclability.






On the occasion of SIMAC 2022, CTC presents  : ALIS, “The" universal and global solution for unitary leather traceability, designed and developed by CTC. 

ALIS (Automatic Leather Identification System) is the only reliable and secure solution that allows the complete traceability of each hide throughout the entire transformation process, from raw hide to finished leather.

By identifying the origin and reconstructing the route of the raw material, ALIS is an essential innovation to secure the global leather industry.

This global solution is patented. It is the result of more than15 years of research carried out by CTC experts alongside the French leather industry. It is a pioneering system, able to meet the global challenges of traceability.


To know more about ALIS or CTC, please contact :

Pierre Beaupoil - pbeaupoil@ctcgroupe.com - Vice director for development

Cédric Vigier - cvigier@ctcgroupe.com - Innovation Director

CTC Groupe, 4 rue Hermann Frenkel  -  69367 Lyon cedex 07  -  France
Tel.: +33(0)4 72 76 10 10 




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