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Continuous innovation in the field of buffing. For Aletti, 2021 can be summarized in the above title. Approval of a patent presented at the beginning of the year and submitting a new application for an innovative buffing system are concrete results of the company's R&D in the field of leather buffing. Significant increase of resources dedicated to research and development (over 3% compared to the average of the investments of the last three years), two new patents under study and the advanced development phase of three projects started in 2020 for different sectors (leather, elastic products and microfibre) testify to the company's will and ability to consolidate its leadership in the field of buffing. Facing multiple problems on a wide range of materials, Aletti is able to propose the most advanced and customized solutions for each sector. There are now eight new "basic" versions of the belt-buffing machine that allow our customers to meet the most complex problems of buffing on any type of flexible material, guaranteeing high production speed, excellent finish, high safety, calibration accuracy, reduced environmental impact and simplified interfacing machine / operator.

In addition to the line of buffing machines, Aletti offers a wide range of sheep and goat skins machines which includes:

de-wooling machines

fleshing machines

shaving machines

rotary stakes

traditional buffing machines

dedusting machines

polishing machines

dedusting machines


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